About us

Maike Bosselmann

I grew up in a small town located in the North German province of Lower Saxony, surrounded by green forests, heath and moorland, sheep and wolves, cows and horses.

The first ten years of my life, I spent most of the time with my four paw 'brother' Wotan, a pedigree Boxer breed who I shared with almost everything and with Fellow, the black longhair Teckel of my grandparents. 

The sudden death of my second dog Jule because of poisoning had a huge emotional impact on me and all the family.

Our third dog Jette, a mix 'poodle dachshund something' was probably the craziest dog ever, I am sure we did everything wrong with her, from education to haircare, but she was a happy, loved and funny dog for 15 years.

I graduated in legal studies, arts and media management at Humboldt University Berlin, and I hold a postgraduate degree in European Studies from the University of Bath, Science-Po Paris and Universidad Carlos III Madrid. 

Having travelled around the world to many countries like US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, China, South Corea, Thailand and Myanmar, Israel, Turkey and around Europe, I settled in Spain in 2003.

I gained my first experience in energy bodywork in 2005 with the practice of Tai Chi and Vipassana meditation. 

In 2010 I became a Shiatsu practitioner, followed by studies of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014. 

After having shared my life with the two cats Margarita and Gaspar for 7 years, it was in summer 2014 when Lula, an abandoned and mistreated 4 year old Teckel dog, came across in order to change my life path forever.

I found many natural ways to improve her well-being little by little, from animal communication, floral therapy, aromatherapy, zoopharmacognosy,  sound healing, but the discovery of applying Shiatsu on her was a complete relieving and life changing experience. As volunteer therapist, I obtained first skills in animal shelters and recently adopted animals with behavior and adaptation problems. Afterwards, I was trained in craneo sacro therapy for animals by the holistic vet clinic El Nahual, Madrid, where I also gained a lot clinical experience as a therapist collaborator. 

Having worked in digital marketing and communications for almost 10 years, this life changing experience was why I decided to live my life mission helping animals' complete well-being that goes along with complete well-being in the human companion as well and teaching.

Zendero Animal was founded in 2016 and I started teaching Shiatsu for animals in Spain in 2017. Since then, more than 44 students have become Animal Shiatsu therapists at the International Academy of Animal Shiatsu. 

My mission is to empower caregivers to understand their animal's needs and to be able to help them in case of 'home made' problems, which may end up in severe health problems. While veterinarians act in case of diseases on the physical level and therapists on the energetic aspects of the disease, caregivers will be trained to improve on mental and emotional levels, avoiding the declining health of the animal.


I was born approximately in 2010 and spent my first 4 years in Southern Spain's town of Huelva, Andalusia, mostly tied up in the kitchen, which made me extremely territorial and aggressive. One day, in 2014, two girls from the animal protection showed up taking me away and suddenly I found myself in a car transport to Madrid along with more dogs, which was a complete new experience for me since I didn't know that there were more dogs like me. 

They told me that they would find me a new home, however, a behavior expert said that my chances were very little because of my aggressive fear behavior and incompatibility with other dogs and cats. Nevertheless, I was meant to end up at my hoomans' home, where I was lucky to become the only dog-in chief.  

Everything was very different to what I knew, I had a real bed (now I have 3!!) and real food, and my humom was very much looking after my wellbeing. After a while I didn't have any reason anymore to show aggressive behavior or fear and I discovered that a dog life can be really pleasant and happy. 

I have learned to get along with other dogs, to play with my toy friend Sam III., my nose is very good at smelling and my humom knows that and she plays with me hiding yummy goodies around the space, gush, I love this game. I also travelled in the car, train and plane to Germany, Denmark, France, Andorra and around Spain. I know how to pose in front of the camera, I am a natural talent by the way.

An I love to join my humom to all the Shiatsu courses she is giving. In fact, she learned real Animal Shiatsu from me, I am actually the teacher but since most of hoomans do not understand my language, I allow my humom teaching. I know she loves it and I love to see her being happy helping other animals. 

I love Shiatsu and I know that I am now a really lucky dog that just needs to ask for it when I feel for it.