Canine Shiatsu for happy dogs (online course)

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This is a 12-Week introductory course on Canine Shiatsu

If our dog behaves in a way that is totally incomprehensible to you, there might be an internal energy blockage producing it.

In the course of 12 weeks, you will learn how to apply easy Shiatsu massage techniques to your dog in order to enhance wellbeing and a higher life quality of your furry friend.

You will improve the nervous, circulatory, digestive and immune system and your dog will calm down to profound relaxation in minutes.

You will be able to support the emotional state of your hound, having a better understanding of its needs in order to be a happy dog. 

Only a relaxed and happy dog will make you happy and relaxed as well. Let's put hands on your dog together!

Shiatsu for dogs course