Feline Shiatsu for Happy Cats (online course)

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This is a 12-Week introductory course of Shiatsu for Cats

Shiatsu for cats, is this possible? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Yes, you can, in fact it comes in handy. The fact is that with some it is easier than with others and you have to follow different laws to give them the maximum respect.

In the course of 12 weeks, you will learn how to apply easy Shiatsu massage techniques to your cat in order to enhance wellbeing and a higher life quality of your furry friend.

You will improve the nervous, circulatory, digestive and immune system and your cat will calm down to profound relaxation in minutes.

You will be able to support the emotional state of your kitten, having a better understanding of its needs in order to be a happy cat. 

Only a balanced and happy cat will make you happy and relaxed as well. Let's put hands on your tabby together!

What others say about this course...

The course was excellent, it gives you a lot of information and Shiatsu is a tremendous tool for our cats to be happy. Also for me as a holistic veterinarian, it is one more therapy that will allow me to help my patients in a more comprehensive way. Thank you very much for your patience and willingness to answer all our questions.

María José Larenas Olmedo

Santiago, Chile

A must-be course for all cat lovers. Maike transmits her knowledge of Shiatsu applied to cats with respect and empathy. A loving tool to take care of the health of our life partners, in addition to strengthening the bond. The approach has delighted me because it is raised from a holistic perspective, in addition to enhancing intuition and observation when applying the technique. I feel that Shiatsu is a very beneficial tool for cats since the approach is soft and delicate, adding that Maike makes a lot of emphasis on specific practice with felines and knowing how they are and how they feel. Very grateful for everything I learned, just like my cat Tigri.

Eva Duran

Barcelona, Spain

This course has exceeded all my expectations. Mastering the subject a lot is important but knowing how to transmit it as Maike does in a clear and organized way is even more so, especially when it comes to concepts related to Traditional Chinese Medicine and, as was my case, without any prior knowledge of the subject. The information is very complete, both the one explained in the live online classes and the manuals and video tutorials. The classes are entertaining and participatory, doubts are resolved, experiences are shared, ... and Maike directs them with great professionalism and enthusiasm. She knows perfectly the problems that cats present, on a physical and emotional level and that makes the course very practical and absolutely focused on the needs of the cat. The weeks have flown by!

Irene jove

Ibiza, Spain

Excellent course with very useful information, it contributes a lot to the well-being and tranquility of our animal companions and therefore to their Multispecies family.

Mónica María Zapata Galvis

Medellin, Colombia